Wednesday, 13 August 2014


A few weeks ago I went on a quick road trip to Wales and saw one of the most beautiful places in UK! Who would have thought that only 1,5 hr away there is a place where I can feel like I’m in Italy!? A small man made village called Portmeirion is a well hidden gem, and I can recommend it to everyone as a must see.
For a start, it’s a complete village of architecturally amazing buildings set on its own private peninsula overlooking sand, sea and mountain. It was the creation of iconoclast and architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, who populated his make-believe village with Italianate, oriental and Tudor-style buildings. Featuring bright Mediterranean inspired colours and close proximity to the seaside, this quirky little place has attracted many film makers.

Owned by a charitable trust it is open year round with cafes, shops, hotels, and self catered cottages. Go and see the amazing architectural surrealism of Portmeirion in all its glory during summer when it’s beautiful gardens are blooming with flowers and tropical plants. It is definitely my favourite place so far for my blog’s photo-shoots. The proximity of Deudraeth Castle makes it even more special.

You can find more information about the village here:

About the dress…it looks pretty much like the one from Alberta Ferretti, but …it’s not ;) I couldn’t get hold of the original one so I gave in to temptation and ordered a look-a-like from a clothing website that is very popular with fashion bloggers. Being sceptical that the quality will be poor I didn’t have high expectations. But…. I was wrong and it actually came out pretty good for what you pay. I’m well pleased with it , what do you think?


Dress- Sheinside
Shoes - Handmade from Bali
Glasses - Italia Independent


Różowa Szminka said...

beautiful dress

Gabrielle at Find Me Those Heels said...

Oh wow, this is quite possibly one of my favourite posts of all time! You wear that colourful dress so far, it could just as well be designer and I adore how you've matched your shoes with the look. I've actually visited Portmeirion before and I can vouch for it's unbelievably beauty - the people are lovely in that area it seems, too! Have a wonderful weekend when we get there :)
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Kathleen Harper said...

Beautiful pieces! I'm loving your fierce heels and fabulously colorful heels. Such a marvelous outfit and you look amazing!

Oksana said...

Very beautiful dress, love it<3
Thanks for checking out my blog, dear:)
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Oksana said...

I am your follower on GFC(132)

Magenta SW said...

Gorgeous outfit! I love both your shoes and dress!
-Magenta xxx

Vanessa Billie-Jill-Jean said...

Stunning dress. *__*
Lovely greets Nessa

ritzz said...

love your dress, it's amazing!

Gaby de Modacapital said...

OMG! You look really beautiful!
The whole outfit is gorgeous,
love those shoes :)
... and the pics and wonderful!

Come and visit my blog if you want!
Big kiss from Mexico city.


Анастасия Глушкова said...

очень ярко и эффектно!

Ella said...

This is so damn cool. Don't know how you could match so well your shoes with the dress, but it looks lovely. I love online shops, because they have cute cheap clothes at not so worse quality.

Viktoria said...

so beautiful!

please follow me if you like!

Live-Style20 said...

so pretty look <3333


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Olha Shaban said...

wow, this is so vivid!

Shebers!nger Blog

hidden dreams said...

Ślicznie wyglądasz :)

ritzz said...

followed you back :)


Francesca said...

hey beauty! these photos are gorge. Love the blog!

Debora H said...

You look so gorgeous in this dress , its amazing

Miraclewhip said...

Great dress. I love the colors!

Rachel Lin said...

What a beautiful, bright dress! and it pairs perfectly with the shoes :D

Hope you follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
Let me know if you do so I can follow back!
Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

Rachel Lin said...

What a beautiful, bright dress! and it pairs perfectly with the shoes :D

Hope you follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
Let me know if you do so I can follow back!
Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

Jenni said...

wow, what a style! you're so inspiring, i really love all of your outfits! :* i'll absolutely start following you :)

Andrea Ryan said...

Love the dress. It's the perfect thing to wear to this town, everything matches. Nice blog too. Let me know if you want to follow each other.

Tinkerbell of Laka said...

Hello, thanks for comment on my blog.. Yes we can follow each other, follow me and I follow you back just let me know on my blog when you di it:)

Jane S said...


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Pixie Ave said...

The place is beautiful!
I'd love to go to Wales *-*
I've lived in England and Scotland (when I was a child) but I've never been to Wales, aaand now i'm living in Peru :c

I'm following you on GFC
my blog is

Desirèe D'Aloia said...

you look amazing! love the dress and your style!
new follower :)

Rasz said...

bajeczne miejsce i zestaw - mega kolory <3

Patyska said...

Piękna jest ta sukienka! zapraszam do siebie. Co powiesz na wspolna obserwacje?

NotJessFashion said...

I'm in love with this jumpsuit! Can't wait to see more from you!


daggistr said...

śliczna kiecka <3 !

Patrícia M. said...

What a super beautiful dress, loved the matching shoes. Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you.


One day in my high heels said...

Beautiful pieces! You look amazing:)

Tatiana Pujol said...

Such a beautiful printed dress! I adore the pictures backdrop. Absolutely stunning!

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